Finance and Accounting for
Non-Financial Managers
"Building finance into your management practices"

Learn the skills you need to demonstrate your value and ROI to your boss!

                      Benefits of Attending this Session Include:
                             - Grasp the numbers side of your job
                             - "Think finance" and translate performance into financial terms
                             - Expand your professional expertise and your career opportunities
                             - Interpret financial reports and make decisions based on the data they provide
                             - Understand the business dynamics of dollars and cents

                      Barbados - Thurs/Fri February 23/24, 2017         Register
                             Location: Blue Horizon Hotel (Christ Church)
                            St Lucia - Tues/Wed February 27/28, 2017        Register
                             Location: Palm Haven Hotel (Rodney Bay)
                            Trinidad - Mon/Tues April 24/25, 2017                Register 
                             Location: Holiday Inn Express (Trincity)
                                        Fee: US$795.00 per person
                                                       Sessions 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (each day)
                                       Includes: Lunch, refreshments, handouts and certificate.
                             Register today seating is limited!
                             Phone: IMS 416-477-2467          (Canada)
                                        CAWASA 758-458-0601   (St Lucia)
                             Web site:
Session Highlights:

       - Key finance terms: assets, liabilities, capital, depreciation, current ration 
       - The accounting process: journals and ledgers, how debits and credits work
       - Mastering the mind set: see business in terms of dollars- decision options that pay off
       - Basic accounting principles
       - Applying accounting conventions and guidelines
       - Using the balance sheet to examine assets and liabilities
       - Developing working rules regarding your corporate financial statements
       - Analyzing the income statements to assess revenues and expenses
       - The statement of cash flow: sources and uses of funds
       - Content and format of the annual report
       - How leveraging can increase return to shareholders
       - Keeping your plan on target with budgetary controls
       - Using profit-planning tools, break-even analysis, financial forecasting
       - Financial performance metrics

Facilitator Sheree Baron

Director of Operations, IMS Business Academy with offices in Canada, St Lucia, Trinidad and Guyana, Ms. Baron brings enthusiasm, experience and in-depth knowledge relating to training and adult learning. Her speaking style is dynamic, challenging and will inspire you to make changes today!