"Techniques to meet and exceed customer expectations!"

The goal of customer service is to delight the customer. With Customer Development Dynamics (CDD)
we build a culture of service to meet and exceed customer expectations at every point of contact!

CDD is strategic planning taken to the next level. Every employee is encouraged to embrace the culture.
Customer service is not a department, it is the 'escense' of the organization. Customer Service is the
driving force of every decision.

This 2-day workshop explores company philosophy, implementation strategies and customer contact.
The method is simple, create a service culture, implement building block in every department to support
the culture, develop policies to guide to guide the process. Most important, benchmark to ensure sustainability.

Session Content:

- Create your culture strategy
- Develop customer service policies and procedures
- Designate customer service champions for each department
- Customer service train-the-trainer
- Instutute customer service training leaders
- Implement customer service training programs
- Conduct service focus sessions
- Service builders and service busters
- Building esteem on a daily basis
- Embracing the external customer
- Rewarding the internal customer
- Celebrating each personality type
- Moving upset customer to loyal customer
- Service benchmarks that support sustainability

Service Toolkit:
 Pocket personality guide
Framework for dealing with difficult situations
Communication essentials: verbal and non-verbal

Facilitator: Sheree Baron
Director of Operations, IMS Business Academy with offices in Canada, St Lucia, Trinidad and Guyana, Ms. Baron brings enthusiasm, experience and in-depth knowledge relating to training and adult learning. Her speaking style is dynamic, challenging, inspiring and most of all FUN! 

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