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Supply Chain Management
Goal: The focus of this supply chain management program is to provide managers, planners, buyers and employees with a wide range of knowledge of the big picture to be better able to utilize current information, tools and techniques for managing supply chains on a daily basis.

Objective: Upon completion of this supply chain management program participants will be better able to strategically manage the flows of goods, services, finance, and relationships within and among their various internal and external supply chains.

Participants will be better equipped to: Support organizational strategic objectives and contribute to the competitive advantages of their organization by enhancing internal/external customer satisfaction.

Benefits of Participating in this Session

- Understanding what a supply chain is and how it works
- Utilize the latest techniques to boost efficiency and responsiveness
- Discover new trends and techniques such as
S&OP and simulation modeling
- Align your supply chain with market demands

Program Modules:

Session   1: Key Concepts of Supply Chain Management
Session   2: Drivers of Supply Chain Performance
Session   3: Supply Chain Collaboration
Session   4: Integrated Supply Chain Planning
Session   5: Supply Chain Risk Management
Session   6: The Role of Logistics in Supply Chain Management

Session   7: Planning and Optimizing Inventories
Session   8: Customer and Supplier Relationship Management
Session   9: Analytics for Effective Supply Chain Management
Session 10: Supply Chain Leadership and Team Building
Session 11: Problem Solving and Decision Making
Session 12: Measuring and Reporting Supply Chain Performance

Course Material:
Designed to utilize the time of today's busy professional. IMS has developed an information packed workbook that includes case studies, relevant interactive exercise, current terms and definitions.

Activity: Case Studies; Supply Chain Activity

Certification Requirements:
Participation in class assignments and activities.

Facilitators: Dennis Lord - Lead Facilitator; Sheree Baron - Facilitator
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